04 Aug, 2020

"Little Belvedere" up to 1946

The Commissioner of the Polish Government for the City of Warsaw, Władyslaw Romuald Teofil Jaroszewicz, was the first owner of part of the detached villa bearing the number 21. He purchased it under a notarial deed in 1931 from the building co-operative of Kolonia Staszica. Władysław Jaroszewicz was a loyal officer of the Polish government formed after the May coup-d’état in 1926 by Józef Piłsudski. According to some historical sources, he had a lavish lifestyle, and evidence of this remains in the number of mortgages, which can be seen even today, in the land register for this property.

In 1937 the villa was sold to Henryk Strasburger, who held many offices in the Republic of Poland. A lawyer and economist, he came from a well-known family of German origin trading in the pastry business in Warsaw. His official duties included the Minister of Trade and Industry, and General Commissioner of the Second Polish Republic in the Free City of Danzig. During the Second World War he was engaged politically in the work of the Polish Government in Exile in London. After the liberation of Warsaw by units of the Red Army and the Polish People's Army, he remained in exile in London, and, given his political leanings, he was not someone well thought of in communist Poland.

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