04 Aug, 2020

From "Little Favela" to "Little Belvedere"

With enormous effort, the house was returned to its rightful owner in 1989. After the death of my mother I inherited the house, referred to as “the ruin” within the members of my family.

The Little Favela remained. The City of Warsaw returned the illegally removed villa, but the tenants were still there.
I began my struggle to remove them.

All the tenants were encouraged to move to other locations that were provided, better than the ones they had in the villa. The process of removing them was fully supported by the Warsaw Ochota District. The significance of this historical building was taken into account.

It lasted almost 23 years: since 20 June 1989 (the date of signing of the notarial deed of the restitution of the ownership title) to 25 April 2012 (the date of regaining the “flat” from the last tenant). 

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